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70+ Happy Birthday Wishes For Brother And Sister: Quotes And Messages

Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister: Doesn't matter whether you are a younger brother or older sister but you should something special on a birthday card to wish your sister a very happy birthday. There are few most special people in your life and your sister is definitely one of those special people who deserves a special greetings for her birthday from her brother/sister. There must had been many childhood memories which you have in your mind that you built with each other and no matter how you feel right now - you love her or you hate her but these childhood's sweet memories will always make you happy whatever you think about them. Also, on the other hand, whether she quarrels with you, argue with you or fight with you but inside her she loves you more than anything else unconditionally. Sister is one of them who know your all secrets because she is also your best friend. Here are some wishes that you should send to your sister to wish her a happy birthday.

birthday wishes for sister

 Dear sister, everybody dream of a sister like you but i'm glad as i have you for real. I wish you a very Happy Birthday!!

You have been so lucky for me always. I'm very happy to have you as my sister. Happy Birthday!!

No matter what you are but you will always be the loveliest and best sister in this world. I hope you will have a rocking day.
Happy Birthday!!

May be i don't speak you everyday, i may sometime rude to you but you are always in my heart and soul. A very Happy Birthday to the dearest sister!!

Dear sister, i want you to know that you are best friend of this world that a girl could ever have. May you have a fantastic birthday!!

The best thing to have in life is a sister who will be your best friend always. Have a amazing Birthday!!

You give me 100s of reason everyday that will make you the best sister in this world. I love everything about you. Happy Birthday, sister!!

Happy birthday to the girl who is the best, greatest, finest, smartest, kindest, gorgeous in this world and all these features my sister have. Have a rocking day!!

Sister, i know you have so big heart that i'll always be there even if i make any mistake in my life. Having a sister like you is not less than any bless. Happy Birthday!!

Forgetting all those mistakes which were made by you or me. I just want to say you that i love you more than myself and we will have a rocking party today. Happy Birthday, sister!!

We argue with each other, we irritate each other but still i want you to know that you are my BFF who is always with me with all her efforts. Wish you a very happy birthday!!

Let's celebrate this birthday making promises that we will always be together no matter what the condition is. Happy Birthday, sister!!

It was a great experience to grow up with a funny and crazy girl like you. I remember all those exciting moments which we spent together in our childhood. Happy Birthday, sister!!

Happy Birthday to the charmest person on this planet.

Dear sister, you always know how to cheer me up when i'm sad and make my day brighter. Happy Birthday to you!!

Birthday Wishes For Brother

Happy Birthday Wishes For Brother: You should mark your brother's birthday as an opportunity to say something very special and sweet to him. Get a birthday card and make some special personalized message to write on this card and send it to your brother. You should also post on his Facebook timeline to let him know that how special is your brother for you. You can also make some funny texts on twitter and can tag your brother in it which will really make him happy. Doesn't matter you are his brother/sister but you are very special for him and he is for you. A brother is always more than a good friend with whom you may share all your problems and he will certainly help you as a brother and best friend too. Don't let this day go, try to do something very special for the very special person of your life. You can also choose one of the best message given below to say to your brother directly.

birthday wishes for brother

Dear brother, i should say you Broogle because solved out my all those problems which i never found on google. Wish you a very happy birthday!!

You footsteps are perfect to follow and without you my life is hollow. I hope that we will be together always. Happy Birthday, dear brother!!

The best gift mom and dad have given me is a brother. Wish to that brother a very happy and healthy birthday.

From childhood, you are my best friend. You are the one who i always want to be with. Happy Birthday dear brother!!

On this special occasion of your birthday, i wish that we will be always be inseparable like fish and water. Wishing a happy birthday dear brother.

I can never be anything without you, you are like a wall which support and stand me tall. Dear brother, Happy and Healthy Birthday to you!!

You are not only my brother but also my teacher who have been teaching me since my childhood. Happy Birthday, my brother as teacher.

The one didn't have a brother like you who said that food, shelther adn clothings are all a man needs to survive. Many many happy returns of the day, brother!!

Thanks for being a life supporter, thanks for being a best friend, thanks for being an amazing brother, thanks for helping me out from each and every way. May you have a fantastic birthday!!

You are the best brother in this world not for now, not for today, not for tomorrow but forever. Wishing a very happy birthday, dear brother!!

Birthday Quotes For Sister

From the childhood, we made a huge sweet memories with our sister that make our relationship special and long last forever. One, who don't have a sister can easily understand sister's meaning that how much she should be special for you. Sister is irreplaceable. When we experience our childhood memories than it make as we are the closest friends ever. So every sister want to be loved and want to have special wishes from her brother/sister. Birthday is the perfect time for this. Here we bring you the Happy Birthday Quotes For Sister that you should send to her to make her feel that how much you love your sister. Arrange the party and gifts for your sister and make her birthday the happiest day she have ever passed. 

happy birthday quotes for sister

The warmest wishes of birthday to the wonderful sister who make my everyday colorful and happier one.

May your life full of joy, happiness and prosperity. Wishing you a very happy birthday!!

You are going to enjoy your another year of life and i'm happy to know that more happiness is going to add in our life. Happy Birthday, sister!!

I'm lucky that i grew up with you sharing my tears and laughter, you made tears easier and laughter more fun. Many many happy returns of the day.

Reflecting back on the memories that we built together are the permanent source for my happiness. Happy Birthday my dearest sister!!

happy birthday wishes for sister

On this special day i wish you only the every moment of the day full of happiness and joy. Have a fantastic day ever. Many many returns of the day!!

May angel bring the sweet wishes for you and air sing for you. I promise i'll make your this birthday happiest one. Happy Birthday dear sister!!

May god fulfill her life with all her desires she wants who make everyone's life happy. Dear sister, Happy Birthday to you!!

Having a sister like you is not less than finding any treasure in life. May all your wishes come true. Happy Birthday dear!!

Our parents made us siblings and we made friendship by our own. Happy Birthday to the best sister.

Sisters may not be around us the whole time but we can feel presence of them around us every moment in our life. Thank you for being such a sister. Wish you a very Happy Birthday, lovely!!

Sisters like you are the everything or may even more. I'm one of the luckiest who has such a lovely sister. Happy Birthday!!

You are the cutest and loveliest sister. Everyday for you, i find a plenty of reasons to be happy more and more. Many many returns of the day dear!!

An old saying is that heroes born one in thousands but sister like you born once in life time. Love you sister, Happy Birthday!!

May be your friends can come to your life but a sister be always beside you to make you the happy one person. Wishing you Happy Birthday, sister.

Birthday Quotes For Brother

happy birthday quotes for brother

On this page, you will find the amazing Happy Birthday Quotes For Brother which you must send to your brother on the special day of his birthday. Brother is the only one who is with you from your childhood. Brother is the one, with whom you have your almost sweet memories of childhood. He is the one who knows everything about you, every secrets of you, he is the one who is your best friend forever. Your relationship with him is much more than a best friend. This day should be more special for you than your brother. If you truly love your brother then do everything what he likes. This is his day and enjoy the whole day with your brother taking the family along.

Wishing you a life full of joy and happiness. Happy Birthday,

I thank god each and every day as he gifted you to me.
Many many happy returns of the day, brother!!

A brother is a friend given by nature- Jean Baptiste legouve.

Meaning of BROTHER
B- Brilliant
R- Respectful
O- Outstanding
T- Terrific
H- Honest
E- Entertaining
R- Remarkable.   Happy Birthday, dear brother!!

This is the happiest day of the year for me as it reminds me
the sweetest memories of my childhood. Wish you a very happy
birthday, dear brother!!

On your birthday, let's promise each other not to be
separate from each other in our life. Wish you the happiest
b'day and many more to come!!

Nothing can be compare to the love of my dearest brother.
Happy Birthday, brother. Party Hard!!

Those moments which we shared in our childhood are
unforgettable throughout life time and are always close to my
heart. Happy Birthday dear brother.

For only today, i'll treat you as you have have always treated
me. Happy Birthday, bro!!

Many times you have proven me wrong and made right all
those my mistakes. I love you brother. Happy Birthday!!

Birthday Messages For Sister

birthday messages for sister

Sisters are like a different flower in same garden that's why sun shines so tenderly on them. Happy Birthday!!

Sometimes you may fight with your sister but you end it like a best friend. Wishing a very happy and healthy b'day to the loveliest sister!!

A sister always appreciates us no matter what's the condition is there but sometimes she may be rude too. She is best friend forever. Wish you a happy birthday, dear sister!!

I want to say a big thank to my sister for being so loving and caring that i never had never thought in this world. Wish a vary happy Birthday, sister!!

You birthday is more special to me than you because on this day i got the most precious gift of my life. Happy Birthday, dear sister!!

A birthday cake is always good but when i find you with it then it becomes awesome undoubtedly. Happy Birthday!!

I wish that everyone should have a sister like you so that they could know the actual meaning of sister. Happy Birthday dear!!

You are the one who made my childhood full of fun and still making my life full of fun. Thank you for being my sister as well as best friend. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

On this special occasion of your birthday i wish you a life full of joy, respect, prosperity and glory. Many many happy returns of the day!!

We are getting older but our those days which we spent together can never be old, they will remain there sam. Wish you a very happy birthday, dear sister!!

Happy Birthday Messages For Brother

happy birthday messages for brother

The Birthday Messages For Brother on this page are just awesome. Scroll down the page to read these messages. You grew up with your brother and shared everything with him. It's his birthday now and what you have planned to give him along with a gift??  Wishing you brother a very happy birthday in a special way is another important thing that will certainly make him happy that he also have a brother/sister like you. We have also added some pictures with these messages which you can download clicking right click on it. A brother birthday message should not be sentimental but full of respect and pride. It should be full of love that you have for your brother. You can pick up any of 
the messages given below on this page and can send to your brother because these are the best and unique messages for you brother's birthday. 


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  10. this post is very useful for me. Thanks you. A special wish for my bro!

    You are my best friend. I love you dear brother. Birthday Greetings for my bro !!

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