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Best 50 Good Night Romantic Quotes For Dear Boyfriend

If someone has strike to your mind and to your thoughts then the best way to end the day is sending him a cute good night quotes. It is the simple but the greatest and quick way to let him know that you are really seeking for him. If you are already in a relationship or want to be in relationship with that guy then you should surely send these Best Good Night Quotes To Your Boyfriend. This is the way to let him know that how are you feeling about him and what you want. By doing so you'll get of rush of feelings and if you get a good night quote or message in return then i assure you that you are going to be with the guy you wanted.No matter he is your friend or classmate or anybody else whom you are falling for, we are here having the good night quotes so you can send to whom you want. If you can send him something like that which make him feel about you the you should do it at certain. Who say that being romantic is not cool? Here we have a List Of Best Romantic Good Night Quotes For Boyfriend which you can send to your loved one and want to fall for one. These quotes will let him know that how are you feeling about him and how much you are missing him so that he can awake all the night and would think about you. So let's read these quotes.

good night quotes for boyfriend

Good Night Love Quotes For Boyfriend:

1. My pillow is my best friend 
   when you are not here.
   I miss you so much Good night my love.

2. When you hug me, 
    I feel so awesome and when 
    you kiss me then it make my life brighter...
    Good night my Prince.

3. When you go to sleep without
     saying good night then that night 
     is useless for me.

4. The birds are going to their home
    because it is going to dark.. 
    my love now i can't wait for you 
    plzz come here good night love.

5. I can't stay with you long time, 
    but i love you so much, 
    I want to see you in my dream.. 
    good night my sweetheart.

6. Today I came online quickly for you 
     but when i came here and watch
     that you are not here...
     I think you has been slept... 
     good night my love.

good night quotes for boyfriend

7. Good night my prince charms
     i love you so much i can not
     live without you my love.

8. Now the evening is changing in the silent night,
    And the all people of world are drowing in the dream,
    Then I wish you good night My Sweetheart.

9. It is night, now the stars are dancing
    with the cold wind and the moon is
    shining in the open sky. 
    Now you close your eyes and 
    see sweet  dreams good night love.

10. I am sending you a lot of kisses 
      which will help you for come
      good dream in night and 
     I am also sending a blanket for caring you. 
     Good night My love.

11. You are my sweetheat of my life 
        I can't live without you,
       I dream about you every night..
      Good night my lover boy.

12. The stars are twinkling in the sky, 
       I think you are saying me good night..

good night quotes for boyfriend

13. I  shall never go away form you 
       because when i m with you i feel 
       so awesome  good night my love...

14. Now I can’t wait for come in your arms again, 
       my Boy . Good Night.Have a sweet dream

15. I think that I will sleep with you in night
      one day good night my boy.

16. I like moon in the sky in night. 
       But I love you so much dear. Good Night!

17. Roses are red and the water is blue. 
      I am going to bed because I want to 
      see you in my dream.Goodnight.

18. When you will sleep tonight
       and will close your eyes then
       i will come in your dreams good night.

good night quotes for boyfriend

19. “The stars are twinking in the sky like as you
          twinking and shine in my heart. 
          I wish you a sweet night"

20. Your dream make my night worthwhile. 
       Your sweet thought makes me smile. 
       Love you forever.” My boy

21. Please you come here for make my night
      so awesome instead saying me good night 
      on call or message good night dear.

22. In this silent night I can feel you
       so much good night my dear love.

23. I can not share you with another
       because you are only my prience charm.

24. I can't wait for tomorrow because
       this night give me so much pain without you 
       good night My sweetheart.

good night quotes for boyfriend

24. I am not perfect without you good night .. 
       have a sweet dream.

25. You are only one who touch my heart
       so much  and love me. Good night.

26. You are a part of my life. 
       I never lost you because
       i cant live without you good night.

27. Actually you are not near to me
       but i can feel you in  this dark night, 
       gud nyt love

28. I want to say you a good night. 
      I know that it is possible 
      but it shall not make me happy good night.

29. The night is longer than days 
       because here are not with me. 
       good night.

30. You are only one who can smile me
        and care me so much love you my boy..
        Good night.

good night quotes for boyfriend

31. You are my smile when you talk me 
      then i have a lot of joy. Good night

32. I am not happy when you go away from me.
       I want to sleep in your arm.

33. In this perfect world, 
       i am not perfect with you my love. 
      Good night.

34. Goodnight my prince. 
      I miss you so much,
       I love with you.

35.  When you does not wish me good night,
       i feel so worst. good night love.

36. You are my sweet love.
       A most of time I imagining that you singing  
      outside of my window at night. good night

good night quotes for boyfriend

37.  When I saw you in night i feel so awesome
       that night i never forget that night good night love.

38. I want to put my hand on your chest 
       when you slept with me good night love.

39.  I want to hug you so tighlty my love
        i miss you so much good night.

40. I love you my prince charm, 
       i'll never let you go away with me good night.

41. Do you know Dear? My heart beats only for you . 
    I feel safe with you always Good night my handsome boy.
42.  When I say yo good night actually I want you in night . 
         U never think about any girl except me. 
         Good night my boy.

good night quotes for boyfriend

43. The silence of the night break me. 
        I want you in night with me. 
        I never live with you good night my prince

44. It's night, the moon, 
      stars and me are wishing you a sweet good night. 
      You have a lot of dream in night. Good night my love

45. When I spend a good day with you then
       I say you good night because u r onl6 one 
       who can smile me good night my heart.

46. I love u my heart so much. 
       When I wish you a good night then 
       it hurts me so much because 
        it comes a lot of pain for me.  
       Good night my love.

.47. I thought to go throughout the world
         but I know it's reality 
        when I know you to be my whole world. 
        I love you very much. Good night.

48. I don't think what the world say me about you, 
      you are deep down in my heart and in my right thoughts.
      I love u ... Gud nite.

49. I asked angel to look after you but she refused and
       say how an angel can look after the another angel. 
       I love you my angel. Good Night.

50. Love is not just a feeling,
       it us an action I would love to do with 
       you every moment in my life. Good Night my love.

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