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Best 45 Unique Love And Romantic Good Night Quotes For Her

Love is the great feeling which can not a express in words.Some time due to absence of our loved one we feel very alone and the same thing our lover experience when we remains stay away from her.In this post we will provide the best love and unique good night quotes for her so that we can provide some pleasure to our partner.Sending a good night quotes to our partner is the best part of relationship,it shows that how much we love our partner and how much we care about her.Good night quotes are the feeling of love in word.When we share good night quotes to her then trust me we doing the best part of our relationship.Some time it become very hard to stay close every time with our partner and we don't have any option to meet her.For such type of situation we are going to provide the best good night quotes for her.Everyone love to her love word from their partner and if we are sending such an stuff then we are in right way to make relationship bond strong.Relationship is very cute part of life and to make it strong we have to take care of many thing so that our partner can feel our presence every time.

good night quotes for her

Best 45 Good Night Love Quotes For Her:

1.Your sweet voice to me like an angel‘s voice,
Your presence in my life like a heaven for me ,
Without you I am nothing,
When you wish me sweet good night your voice like a melody for me
I love you babu good night!

2.Before going to sleep I would like to see you,
 I would like to see that love in your eyes which
 makes me feel so good. I want to feel your hot body
 and want to touch your sweetness and juicy lips with my dry lips. 
Good night my love

3.At night, i always feel that
 you are sleeping with me,
your love gives a sweet dream in night, 
you also think that I m there with you and  
we sleep together on a bed..good night jaanu  

4.Small stars are sleeping,
Moon is also going to sleep,
And now I am also going to my soft bed,
Wishing u a sweet good night love  “I love U".

5. Stars are nothing without their light,
Moon also nothing without his moonlight,
Same here I m also nothing without you.
Good night meli jaan

6.when you wish me good night
 that is the most beautiful moment
 for me this moment give me a sweet dream in night,
 I m lucky u r my love..uummhhaaaaaa gud nyt my sweet sona

good night quotes for her

7.If you want to come your love in your dream
 then you close your eyes for a moment and think
 about your love and wish gd nyt ur love and go on bed for sleep.
 Your love will come in your dream nyt 

8. When u sleep without wish me a good night
 that night is so big for me because I m alone without
 you,our good night wish give me a sweet dream in the night,
but now I m wishing you a sweet lovely good night 

9 There are many night like tonight also
 I wish u a sweet dream without expressing
 my feeling with you,but it's true I never live
 without you I love u my cute love

10.I like to wish you a sweet good night
 therefore you can sleep well and dream with me. 
You are always with me when I am awake as well as
 I am sleeping. Good night meri gbbu

11.No matter what has done in past,
 no matter what did u do and also no
 matter what will happen nxt in life but
 I'm here assure u that I'll always be with you my love.GN TC

12. You are the best feeling for me in this world
 and I'll never let anyone to make you apart from me.
Good Night my love.

good night quotes for her

13. Someone from heaven is surely
 will have been seen at me bcz
 they have given me the most beautiful angel 
in this world that are u my love.Gud Night.

14. I want you to know that
 u don't need to care yourself anymore
 bcz I'll take care of you in the entire life.
Good Night my love.

15. In whole of my life I was waiting for someone
 like you and now this dream has come true and
 I'm very happy with you.Gud Nt Sweetheart.

16. No matter where I'm and
 where I wud be but I want you to know
 that I think of u and will always think of you
 every moment in my life.Good Night my life.

17. The only right thing which
 I have done in my life is to loving u.
Good Night my love.

18. I may not with u all the times
 but I want you to know that u will always
 in my mind and my heart.Gud Nt my love.

good night quotes for her

19. My life with you is something like that
 I don't want anymore from it.I love you.

20. You are the source of my constant joy 
and I'll never let u go my love.Good Night.

21. Your love is like a lamp which derives me
 out from the darkest night. Good Night my love.

22. My love will grow constantly till
 I die and my heart beat are stopped.
 I love you very much sweetheart.

23. I'm not a rich man but
 I hereby promise you that everything 
I will do,i do it for you my love. Good Night my love.

24. Jaan, you are like a rose that is so beautiful bloom.
 You are so special to me and I am so lucky that you are my babu.
 I love you jaan

good night quotes for her

25.That was a awesome time when
 u came in my life ,today u became my life
 good night my love

26.“now day is going to end.
 It was good because of my love.
 Making my everyday seems so great. 
Thank you my love lastly. Good Night and Sweet Dreams jaan

27.I love the silent hour of night,
 I feel u in night u r my real love I love u
 gbbu good night

28."Jaan I am sending you many
 lovely kisses before go to asleep...
 Good night my dear jaan... I love you

29.Dear love come near and hug me
 u r my love I can't live without you..u are my life .
.I wishing u a sweet good night

30. Baby see in the sky u notice that
 stars are shining for u and moon also brighting for u
 and see my heart which is beating for u good night love

good night quotes for her

31.i love u my love I am sending u a lot of good night kisses
 that is my love for u uuuummhhaaaaaaaaaaaa gd nyt jaan

32."Now Darkness is everywhere.
 The birds are going back there home.
 Road are quiet every body is sleeping, 
but I m not sleeping without say good night nyt

33."Night is longer than day when you sleep
 without saying me good night and when 
u wish me good night that night for me is so awesome ."

34."Forget all the worries, set your mind free,
 forget all tensions, And don't care that what happen tomorrow.
 Have a good sleep . Good Night!"

35.U r only one reason of my sleepless,
 you are only reason that I can't live without u 
and u are only one reason that I can't sleep
 without saying you good night...good night baby

36."Good night my very special love, 
I pray you lay in rest,a nd tomorrow will
 bring much love and happiness for you.
 Do not think about me...i m in ur eyes, in ur heart Good Night Baby"

good night quotes for her

37. Today I am coming in your dream, 
today you slept so early then we will loves 
each other so much in you dream ..
u will feel that how much I miss u nyt love

38.As long as you will think about me
 and you, then I will come in ur dream definitely.,
I wish that all dreams come true

39. This message has the following attachments –
 the sweetest kiss and coziest hug, the cutest cuddle
 and warmest snuggle and a lot of my love . Good night my love

40. O my love my sweetheart my baby my girl 
I am sending you a lot of kisses and a lot of love now
 I m saying u a sweet good night 

41. Tonight I want to walk a thousands 
miles with you and want to share my all feeling with you.
.love u dear

42. When you are with me in night that is so awesome moment for me, 
I never want to lost this moment but 
when we are apart that moment is very bad for me
 I can't bear it..good night love

43. Sleep my love,I n this world
 U are only one who touched my heart,
 I never let you go, come near and hug me tightly 
love u dear love good night

44.Night is Dark, stars are twinkling for you, 
moon is brighting for u and I am alive for you, 
dear love come near and hug me and sleep with sweet dream

45. Sometime I feel so tired then 
I feel you and after that I feel good you
 are my true love good night my dear love

Here was the collection of best good night love quotes for her.So send this quotes to our partner and make her feel happy.


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