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Best 50 Unique Good Night Romantic Quotes For Him

Sending your boyfriend good night night quotes is the way to make him sure that how much you love him. You may also send these good night quotes to any boy whom you love so that he may came to know that she really cares for him and loves him. Sending good night quotes to you boyfriend is not only your love but also should be one of your daily routine. Here are the Romantic Best and Lovely Good Night Quotes For Him which will tell him that how you feel about him. These greeting are mixed with the virtual kisses and hugs which make him feel warm. This is the good way to make your relationship better too. So every girl should at least send these Best Good Night Quotes to him so that your relationship with the guy may be healthy long last. So read the full article which will help you greatly.

good night quotes for him

Best 50 Unique Good Night Love Quotes For Him:

1.My each day is better than night 
   because I feel lonely there but when
   you wish me good night that moment for me
    is very awesome.good night love 

2. Every night when I dream
     then they are so sweet.
     It is especially part of love
     where you bring breakfast for me 
     on bed every morning. Good night love

3. I love u so much love as well as
    i wish you Good night I wish you have a sweet dream. 
    I miss you so much during the day, 
    and the most these lonely nights..
    miss u so much baby

4. I never told you that how much 
     I missed you at night,
     I want you only in night
     I want to sleep in your arms. 
     I miss you my sweet!good night love

5. My favorite part of each day
    Is when you hug me in your arms
    When you kiss me and care me
    Then how can I live without you
    In night plzz come here 
    Good night my love

6. Mostly I count the stars in night 
    when I don't sleep I saw many stars
    there but my star is you I miss u so much my boy

good night quotes for him

7. Even though we can only see each other via Facebook , 
    skype, then your eyes drive me towards 
    you missing u so much good night love

8. You are nota great man you are the life of me 
    you care me loves me I m lucky that 
    u  my love goodnight sweetheart

9.Nobody is perfect
   But we are happy that
   We are the only couple
   That is very close to each other
   Good night my boy

10. Every  time I miss u 
      Every time I remind our beautiful moments
      Every time I feel you
      Every time I think that u are so near to me
      Good night love

11. You care me so much,
     therefore it's a reason that everyday
     you give me more reasons to fall in love with you..
     good night love

12.U are apart of my life, 
      I never think to lost you 
      Good night my man of dream
      love u so much...uummhhaaaaaa

good night quotes for him

13.You are the sweetest thing of my life,
      I never let you go..
     good night my boy have a sweet dream

14. I cannot sleep without you in night, 
       I miss u so much my boy plzz come here
      and hold me in your arms good night my love

15.Next day we will meet then now 
     I want to asleep so faster so that
    we are together tomorrow good night my love

16. When you are front of me that
      moment for me come a slot of sweet
      and positive thinking about you Good nyt my love

17. Full day I Busy in the work but at
      night I can't stop to thinking about you
      missing you so much love good night

18. I want to sleep faster and faster
      because I think that we will meet sooner...
      good night my dear

good night quotes for him

19. It does not matter that where I am,
      but it have a matter that
      I can't live without u gd nyt love

20.I think that you will be so near 
     next day so today I wish u a sweet good night 
     love you my boy.

21.You are my sweetheart,
      I can't stop to think about you in night.
      I hope I shall meet you in your dream tonight

22. You are the first thing on my heart 
      when I wake up and the last thing of my heart 
      when I fall asleep with you.G good night love

23. A sweet girl of the world is sending good night 
      kisses to her boyfrnd I love u so much my love 
      good night have a sweet dream

24.When I miss some one during the day
      then it is common that he will come in our dream
      good night my handsome boy

good night quotes for him

25.O my handsome boy where are u it's fall night. 
      The birds also is going to their nest. 
      Plz u also come your home
      I miss u so much good night love.

26.Hello my Boy. I first fell in love with your 
      handsome face, you touched my heart with your intelligence,
      kindness and sense of humor and you are my prince charm
      I never want to lost you Good night my rock boy

27. I love you so much with all my heart. 
      Though you are away from me tonight, 
      I always see you in my sweet dreams good night love

28.I am afraid who is stoling my heart;
     and I am happy because that person is you. 
     Good night Honey.

29.You are my superstar my baby my sweetheart,
      This night I cannot stop thinking about you. Good night love

30. Do you know when I am a little girl, 
       then I always see dream that
       I would have a sweet and carefully husband. 
      Now I m happy and thank God for it that he 
      come true my dream.good night my love.

good night quotes for him

31. If I would have a magician then
      I come in night in few minutes and sleep
      in your arms good night my boy

32.The stars and moon are wishing 
      you a good night. Let the light of the moon
      conduct  your dreams when you pass the night.
     Good night my love

33. I am happy today because today 
      everything was good by the help of
      God and now I am happy that my love
      is so near to me good nyt love

34. I wish cloud to be your bed sheet, 
      may the angel play sweet songs while 
      you are sleeping so that you may fall at 
      land of good dreams ,,,,,good night my love

35.May the stars and moon lights
     in your darkest part of your life always
     be happy my sweetest love

36. The sun is going to set and
      the birds are going to back their home, 
     now I am seeing your face in moon 
     that make me so happy..good night dear

good night quotes for him

37.If you feel a big warm then don’t be bamboozle it
     would be my hug to you at night at through message.. 
     good night my love

38.I love you my dear,
     Everyday I think that you will come my dream 
     and make them so awesome that night and 
     then I am think that you are with me always that 
     moment make me so happy ..good night love

39.As the sun set the world’s life was quite
     and slow and here I wish for your sleep 
     as sweet as you are. Good night  my love.

40.When I stand in front of the mirror then 
      I see you inside me and when standing front of you
      I see myself inside you good night my sweetheart 
      I love u so much

41.People say that god sprinkles blessings
     everyday upon the earth but I hereby say
     that you sprinkles love everyday in my life.
     Good night my lovely Gabbu

42. My Dear Love You are only 
      one who  makes my life beautiful day 
      by day thank you being my life 
      I love you so much my sweetheat.

good night quotes for him

43.Whenever you take hipcups at night or during
      the day then you should think that your sweetheart
      is missing you so much good night love

44.I am nothing without you
     and I am everything with you, 
     you make my life like heaven thank you
     my love to became it so awesome…gd nyt love

45.When you don’t wish me good night 
     and don’t send me my good night kisses
     then I feel  worst, I feel that you have
     forget me good night love.

46.When you go to sleep then 
      don’t forget to say thank that happened with you during the day,
      I thank you love for became my day better and now become
      night  good for me ,,good night love.

47. Every day  is crawling by like years. 
      I cannot wait to be in your arms yet
      again plz come here and hug me so tightly 
      good night love.

48. When you don’t talk with me
       then each hour is crawling by like years so please love
       I request you you never stop to talk with me good night love

49. Good night my sweetest love and have sweet dreams.
       I wish to god that next day  come with joyfull and sweet life. 
       Good night love

50.I never want to be apart from you,
      Every moment i see youin my life
      and make me joyful,thanku for
      Being in my life,love you
      Good night my dear....


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