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Best 36 Good Night Messages For Whatsapp And Facebook

  In this article we will give you the Best Good Night Messages For Whatsapp and Facebook by which you make an update on FB and Whatsapp.Today as we all know most relationship works on social media.Most relationship depend on social media and mostly people connect with their partner  through social media. We share our feeling to our partner through social media.Social media really helps to make relationship bond strong.We always show our feeling through whatsapp and facebook. Here we are going to provide the best good night messages for facebook and whatsapp. So wish your partner with these good night messages and make your partner feel good for you.When we send good night messages to our partner it really gives pleasure.

Good Night Messages For Facebook And Whatsapp:

Good night message is the best way to express you love feeling for your partner and through this we can express our feelings through words.In a true relationship we always take care of our partner and always try to do cute thing for our partner.In a relationship if you want to make your bond strong then you have to wish your partner with these good night messages.In this post you will get the best collection of Good Night messages for Facebook and Whatsapp. Here is the best stuff for the good night. So wish your partner with these good night messages and make your partner feel great for you.

Best Collection Of Good Night Messages For Facebook And Whatsapp:

1. Don't lose hope.You don't know what tomorrow may bring.Good Night and Sweet Dreams.

2. My dear mind do not think too much because i am tired and need to sleep.

3. It's night and the whole world is sleeping but my caring heart is thinking about you.Good Night!!

4. You know i always wish that one day i'll say you only good night not good bye.Love you.

5. My bed is calling me so i want to tuck my blanket and feel warm.Good Night FB and stay warm.

6. I should go to the bed because this day was a tired one and i want a new one.GN!!

7. Instead of saying Good Night i want to be there to hug you tight.

8. You are the reason why i have sleepless night,yo are the reason why i hug my pillow tight and i
    can't sleep without saying you "Good Night"

9. Never forget me to put into your dreams and make your dream so good.Love you..GN!!

10. This is the time when i should say Good Night to the real world and should welcome my
      dreamworld with you.Good Night.

11. Loving you is just like heart beating.Then say me how can i stop it?? GN my love.

12. My night becomes very short when i dream of you.Good Night.

13. I want to go bed earlier today because i want you to be with me as soon as possible in my dreams
      .Good Night Sweetheart.

14. If anybody asks me for my wish then i would say that take care of the person who is reading my
      message.Good Night.

15. As the darkness come and the world goes down, let your eyes and body take some rest.GN!!

Good Night Romantic Messages For Whatsapp And Facebook:

16. On the cold cold night, i look at bright bright stars in the dark dark sky.I just want you to have
      sweet sweet smile and wish you a good good night.

17. Take some sugar and put it into your eyes ..... y ?....... for sweet dreams.If you want spicy dreams
      try chili powder.Good Night.

18. If there were no distance then i would have kissed you my love.Good Night.

19. I can cross thousand ocean to be with you, i can climb thousand mountains to hug and kiss you.
      Missing you my love...Good Night.

20. Forget all that happened during the day and think about tomorrow how happy will you when
      we'll be with each other.Good Night.

21. I'm going to meet my two evergreen friends- Pillow and Blanket- they always make me feel
      better.Good Night.

22. Love doesn't gives us only happiness but it overflow the joys in our body and souls.GN!!

23. Standing at the door, i was just thinking about the person i love most.You came in my mind
      So i'm wishing you good night and pray for your sweet dreams.

24. Thousand of stars in the sky shine bright but you are the only one star shining in my sight.GN!!

25. Good Night Baby, i'll come in your dreams to make you feel good.Sweet Dreams.

26. If someone is hugging you in your dreams, it is none other than me.Good Night.

27. I wish you good night my sweet angel.Always take sweet dreams.Good Night Sweetheart.

28. If it was possible then i would write your name in the sky but i'hv written it on my heart.GN!!

29. Sleep tight my angel and think about tomorrow.

30. I wish heavens rain blessing of sweet dreams upon you tonight.Good Night my love.

31. You are reason of my all happiness and you always make me feel good.I am sending this text to             make you feel about me all night. Good Night.

32. I really dont' know what love is,but i know my day day with u and end with you. Good Night.

33. If Someone ask me hv u ever seen angel ,i just smile and think about you. Good Night my angel.

34. Every time when i ask myself what i have and all of sudden i got up with smile thinking about             you. Good Night

35. I look at sky only to see stars because i know moon is always with me in my eyes.  Good Night.

36. Some time i think it take 24 hour to come morning after night because i spend night without you.Good Night

Here was the best collection of good night messages for Facebook and Whatsapp.So wish your partner with these good night messages and make your partner feel good.

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