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70+ Happy Birthday Wishes For Brother And Sister: Quotes And Messages

Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister: Doesn't matter whether you are a younger brother or older sister but you should something special on a birthday card to wish your sister a very happy birthday. There are few most special people in your life and your sister is definitely one of those special people who deserves a special greetings for her birthday from her brother/sister. There must had been many childhood memories which you have in your mind that you built with each other and no matter how you feel right now - you love her or you hate her but these childhood's sweet memories will always make you happy whatever you think about them. Also, on the other hand, whether she quarrels with you, argue with you or fight with you but inside her she loves you more than anything else unconditionally. Sister is one of them who know your all secrets because she is also your best friend. Here are some wishes that you should send to your sister to wish her a happy birthday.

birthday wishes for sister

 Dear sister, everybody dream of a sister like you but i'm glad as i have you for real. I wish you a very Happy Birthday!!

You have been so lucky for me always. I'm very happy to have you as my sister. Happy Birthday!!

No matter what you are but you will always be the loveliest and best sister in this world. I hope you will have a rocking day.
Happy Birthday!!

May be i don't speak you everyday, i may sometime rude to you but you are always in my heart and soul. A very Happy Birthday to the dearest sister!!

Dear sister, i want you to know that you are best friend of this world that a girl could ever have. May you have a fantastic birthday!!

The best thing to have in life is a sister who will be your best friend always. Have a amazing Birthday!!

You give me 100s of reason everyday that will make you the best sister in this world. I love everything about you. Happy Birthday, sister!!

Happy birthday to the girl who is the best, greatest, finest, smartest, kindest, gorgeous in this world and all these features my sister have. Have a rocking day!!

Sister, i know you have so big heart that i'll always be there even if i make any mistake in my life. Having a sister like you is not less than any bless. Happy Birthday!!

Forgetting all those mistakes which were made by you or me. I just want to say you that i love you more than myself and we will have a rocking party today. Happy Birthday, sister!!

We argue with each other, we irritate each other but still i want you to know that you are my BFF who is always with me with all her efforts. Wish you a very happy birthday!!

Let's celebrate this birthday making promises that we will always be together no matter what the condition is. Happy Birthday, sister!!

It was a great experience to grow up with a funny and crazy girl like you. I remember all those exciting moments which we spent together in our childhood. Happy Birthday, sister!!

Happy Birthday to the charmest person on this planet.

Dear sister, you always know how to cheer me up when i'm sad and make my day brighter. Happy Birthday to you!!

Birthday Wishes For Brother

Happy Birthday Wishes For Brother: You should mark your brother's birthday as an opportunity to say something very special and sweet to him. Get a birthday card and make some special personalized message to write on this card and send it to your brother. You should also post on his Facebook timeline to let him know that how special is your brother for you. You can also make some funny texts on twitter and can tag your brother in it which will really make him happy. Doesn't matter you are his brother/sister but you are very special for him and he is for you. A brother is always more than a good friend with whom you may share all your problems and he will certainly help you as a brother and best friend too. Don't let this day go, try to do something very special for the very special person of your life. You can also choose one of the best message given below to say to your brother directly.

birthday wishes for brother

Dear brother, i should say you Broogle because solved out my all those problems which i never found on google. Wish you a very happy birthday!!

You footsteps are perfect to follow and without you my life is hollow. I hope that we will be together always. Happy Birthday, dear brother!!

The best gift mom and dad have given me is a brother. Wish to that brother a very happy and healthy birthday.

From childhood, you are my best friend. You are the one who i always want to be with. Happy Birthday dear brother!!

On this special occasion of your birthday, i wish that we will be always be inseparable like fish and water. Wishing a happy birthday dear brother.

I can never be anything without you, you are like a wall which support and stand me tall. Dear brother, Happy and Healthy Birthday to you!!

You are not only my brother but also my teacher who have been teaching me since my childhood. Happy Birthday, my brother as teacher.

The one didn't have a brother like you who said that food, shelther adn clothings are all a man needs to survive. Many many happy returns of the day, brother!!

Thanks for being a life supporter, thanks for being a best friend, thanks for being an amazing brother, thanks for helping me out from each and every way. May you have a fantastic birthday!!

You are the best brother in this world not for now, not for today, not for tomorrow but forever. Wishing a very happy birthday, dear brother!!

Birthday Quotes For Sister

From the childhood, we made a huge sweet memories with our sister that make our relationship special and long last forever. One, who don't have a sister can easily understand sister's meaning that how much she should be special for you. Sister is irreplaceable. When we experience our childhood memories than it make as we are the closest friends ever. So every sister want to be loved and want to have special wishes from her brother/sister. Birthday is the perfect time for this. Here we bring you the Happy Birthday Quotes For Sister that you should send to her to make her feel that how much you love your sister. Arrange the party and gifts for your sister and make her birthday the happiest day she have ever passed. 

happy birthday quotes for sister

The warmest wishes of birthday to the wonderful sister who make my everyday colorful and happier one.

May your life full of joy, happiness and prosperity. Wishing you a very happy birthday!!

You are going to enjoy your another year of life and i'm happy to know that more happiness is going to add in our life. Happy Birthday, sister!!

I'm lucky that i grew up with you sharing my tears and laughter, you made tears easier and laughter more fun. Many many happy returns of the day.

Reflecting back on the memories that we built together are the permanent source for my happiness. Happy Birthday my dearest sister!!

happy birthday wishes for sister

On this special day i wish you only the every moment of the day full of happiness and joy. Have a fantastic day ever. Many many returns of the day!!

May angel bring the sweet wishes for you and air sing for you. I promise i'll make your this birthday happiest one. Happy Birthday dear sister!!

May god fulfill her life with all her desires she wants who make everyone's life happy. Dear sister, Happy Birthday to you!!

Having a sister like you is not less than finding any treasure in life. May all your wishes come true. Happy Birthday dear!!

Our parents made us siblings and we made friendship by our own. Happy Birthday to the best sister.

Sisters may not be around us the whole time but we can feel presence of them around us every moment in our life. Thank you for being such a sister. Wish you a very Happy Birthday, lovely!!

Sisters like you are the everything or may even more. I'm one of the luckiest who has such a lovely sister. Happy Birthday!!

You are the cutest and loveliest sister. Everyday for you, i find a plenty of reasons to be happy more and more. Many many returns of the day dear!!

An old saying is that heroes born one in thousands but sister like you born once in life time. Love you sister, Happy Birthday!!

May be your friends can come to your life but a sister be always beside you to make you the happy one person. Wishing you Happy Birthday, sister.

Birthday Quotes For Brother

happy birthday quotes for brother

On this page, you will find the amazing Happy Birthday Quotes For Brother which you must send to your brother on the special day of his birthday. Brother is the only one who is with you from your childhood. Brother is the one, with whom you have your almost sweet memories of childhood. He is the one who knows everything about you, every secrets of you, he is the one who is your best friend forever. Your relationship with him is much more than a best friend. This day should be more special for you than your brother. If you truly love your brother then do everything what he likes. This is his day and enjoy the whole day with your brother taking the family along.

Wishing you a life full of joy and happiness. Happy Birthday,

I thank god each and every day as he gifted you to me.
Many many happy returns of the day, brother!!

A brother is a friend given by nature- Jean Baptiste legouve.

Meaning of BROTHER
B- Brilliant
R- Respectful
O- Outstanding
T- Terrific
H- Honest
E- Entertaining
R- Remarkable.   Happy Birthday, dear brother!!

This is the happiest day of the year for me as it reminds me
the sweetest memories of my childhood. Wish you a very happy
birthday, dear brother!!

On your birthday, let's promise each other not to be
separate from each other in our life. Wish you the happiest
b'day and many more to come!!

Nothing can be compare to the love of my dearest brother.
Happy Birthday, brother. Party Hard!!

Those moments which we shared in our childhood are
unforgettable throughout life time and are always close to my
heart. Happy Birthday dear brother.

For only today, i'll treat you as you have have always treated
me. Happy Birthday, bro!!

Many times you have proven me wrong and made right all
those my mistakes. I love you brother. Happy Birthday!!

Birthday Messages For Sister

birthday messages for sister

Sisters are like a different flower in same garden that's why sun shines so tenderly on them. Happy Birthday!!

Sometimes you may fight with your sister but you end it like a best friend. Wishing a very happy and healthy b'day to the loveliest sister!!

A sister always appreciates us no matter what's the condition is there but sometimes she may be rude too. She is best friend forever. Wish you a happy birthday, dear sister!!

I want to say a big thank to my sister for being so loving and caring that i never had never thought in this world. Wish a vary happy Birthday, sister!!

You birthday is more special to me than you because on this day i got the most precious gift of my life. Happy Birthday, dear sister!!

A birthday cake is always good but when i find you with it then it becomes awesome undoubtedly. Happy Birthday!!

I wish that everyone should have a sister like you so that they could know the actual meaning of sister. Happy Birthday dear!!

You are the one who made my childhood full of fun and still making my life full of fun. Thank you for being my sister as well as best friend. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

On this special occasion of your birthday i wish you a life full of joy, respect, prosperity and glory. Many many happy returns of the day!!

We are getting older but our those days which we spent together can never be old, they will remain there sam. Wish you a very happy birthday, dear sister!!

Happy Birthday Messages For Brother

happy birthday messages for brother

The Birthday Messages For Brother on this page are just awesome. Scroll down the page to read these messages. You grew up with your brother and shared everything with him. It's his birthday now and what you have planned to give him along with a gift??  Wishing you brother a very happy birthday in a special way is another important thing that will certainly make him happy that he also have a brother/sister like you. We have also added some pictures with these messages which you can download clicking right click on it. A brother birthday message should not be sentimental but full of respect and pride. It should be full of love that you have for your brother. You can pick up any of 
the messages given below on this page and can send to your brother because these are the best and unique messages for you brother's birthday. 

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60+ Happy Birthday Wishes For Husband And Wife: Quotes And Messages

Happy Birthday Wishes for Husband: If this is your hubby's birthday and you want to write something special for him then this post will help you definitely. Husband is the one with whom you are going to enjoy your rest of life. So you should do all that things which you can for your husband. Birthday is a special day for everyone in their life and if we get some surprise from our loved one then believe me it makes make a glad to that person. If it is your husband's birthday then your should arrange little surprises like birthday cake, party with family and friends at night which will make your husband very happy. Try to put out your feelings in words and write it on the birthday card for your
husband and send it to him. Ask your hubby for a day off so that you both can spend the entire day with each other. Make your husband happy with your warm hugs, perfect kisses and gifts. You are not just husband and wife but you are the partners of a long beautiful journey of life.

birthday wishes for husband

Dear husband, your warm hugs are like protection for me from any storm come to my life. May you live 100s years. Wish you a very Happy Birthday, handsome!!

Being a wife of you is not less than any god gifted thing for me. You are the happiest person to make my life happiest. Many many of the day!!

Today's my hubby's birthday and i promise every wish of yours will be fulfilled as i'm your personal genie. Happy Birthday Darling!!

I'm the happiest woman in this world as i have the most loving and kind person as my husband. I wish you a very very Happy Birthday!!

From my childhood, i was thinking about my prince that how he will be? and when i met you first time, i thought you will be my prince ... i don't know but you so attractive that i can't leave a moment without staring at you. Many many happy return of the day!!

You are not necessary but compulsary to me. I can't imagine my world without you. A very happy birthday to my hubby!!

As i was unmarried, one thing always disturbed me that how will my married life go and when you come to my life ... this is better feeling than best. Happy Birthday honey!!

I want to tell you something on this special day that you are only one who made everyday of my life warm and more brighter. Wishing you a very happy birthday!!

I want to live 1000s of years because i have a true, caring and responsible person by my side. May your coming year of life be happiest than ever.

Every moment of life is now full of joy because your love is the thing that made it all possible. May you live thousands of year. Happy Birthday hubby!!

I want to say you a lot of thanks because you supported me always no matter what the condition is. You always pick me up when i was down, always cheers me when i was sad. Being you wife is the happiest thing i have ever felt in my life. Wish you a Happy Birthday, Honey!!

Do you know what you are true gift to me from god. I love you more than more everyday. Happy Birthday to my dear hubby!!

This is birthday of the most special person of my life. I promise i'll celebrate it in a very amzing way that you will never it. Happy Birthday darling!!

I'm very lucky because you are in my life. You always give me strength when i feel weak and gives me inspiration. I want to make this special day so romantic and beautiful that i myself too can't forget it ever.

I feel that moment when we got married and this is the most beautiful dream for me. I feel blessed to get marry with you. I love you, honey ... Happy Birthday!!

Birthday Wishes For Wife

Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife: If you want to send some birthday wishes to your wife then you are at the right place. Here we have best and unique collection of Birthday wishes for wife. You should remember all the good memories that you have spent with your wife after or before your marriage and try to write it down with these wishes. This will enrich her love for you that still you have that memories in your mind. Make a birthday card and write the birthday greetings on this card and put it on his bedside table. Wish him a very happy birthday with morning tea with a romantic hug. Post many birthday wishes for wife on social media and tag her in it to make her social media queen for today. Arrange some special gifts and surprises for your wife so that she may feel happy.

Birthday wishes for wife

Sweetheart i did always my best to make you the happiest woman of this world .. i apologize if i ever made any mistake which hurt you. I love you. Happy Birthday!!

I'm the happiest husband as i have a life partner who is most loving and beautiful woman of my world. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!

To have a soulmate like you was the biggest dream of my life and i'm luckiest man as i got you as my wife. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Honey!!

My life was just life but it's having a meaning after getting married with you. Many many happy returns of the day, sweetie!!

You are the most beautiful woman, sweetest mother of my children and the most loving wife in this world. May you live 100s of years. Happy Birthday dear!!

birthday messages for wife

If i ever make any mistake then never take it seriously because i never want to hurt you. I love you, sweetheart. Happy Birthday!!

You stole my heart when we looked into each other's eyes first time. From that moment, i have dreamt of you to be my life partner. I love you. Wish you a very happy birthday!!

I want to fill your wish today because this is a most special occasion in my life. Today, i want you to be the happiest woman of the world. Many many happy returns of the day, happy birthday, honey!!

Happy Birthday to the woman of my dreams!!

You convert my good moments into best and my bad moments into tolerable one when i share with you. I'll not tire until i fulfill your every wish and desire. Happy Birthday Darling!!

Happy Birthday Quotes For Husband

If this is your husband's birthday then you should look into his eyes and try to say i love you with those expressions which you gave on your first meeting. This will grow your love more and more. Try to make him feel good as you are the one among thousand who is made for him. Not only today but also everyday you should keep your relationship healthy. Here are some Birthday Quotes For Husband which you should send to your husband to let him know that he is most special person who rolls over your mind everyday and every moment. Make him feel special so that he can treat you as special person. This will enrich your married life.

birthday quotes for husband

Do you know you are very colourful, funny and kind person as you fill my life with colours, always excited me and made my life so passionate. Love you so much. Wish you a very happy birthday!!

The moments which we shared with each other are like dreams with naked eyes. You are best husband of this world. Happy Birthday, darling!!

I always dream of a good husband but you know what i didn't get because you are the Best, my love. Many many happy returns of this special day!!

This is not only a special day but an occasion for me and i want you to know that i love you more than i can express in words or can show you ... i want to love you i my every coming life. May all yours wishes come true in coming year of your life!!

Travelling with you on the path of life is getting me fall more and more everyday in love with you. May your life full of colours that you ever want of. Happy Birthday, darling!!

Happy Birthday to the most special person of my life .. may you always achieve more than you want ... may you love me more and more everyday.

My life is full of respect, honour, adventure and glory when i'm with you ... i just want to tell you that you are the best. I wish you a Happy Birthday!!

You are not only my hubby but you are my best friend too with you i can share everthing, i can do everything, i can ask everything, i can say everything. I never want to apart from from you for a single moment. I love you, darling. Happy Birthday!!

What you want to have on this special day as a gift from me? A perfect kiss? Cuddling up with me and .... ?? i think you got it but putting all that together is not enough for you because you are better than that. Happy Birthday, honey!!

You are the only person who deserves everything good in you life because you are the kindest person of this world and make everybody happy with all your efforts. Being your wife bring a fruitful result of what i did always. Happy Birthday my man!!

I'll never forget that day when we said i love you both looking into each other's eyes. I feel that moment even today when i say i love you. Happy Birthday, my lord!!

birthday messages for husband

Getting married with a handsome guy like you is very hard .. when some other women staring at you .. i know kung-fu. Happy Birthday, honey!!

Looking rough outside make you the smartest person and being tender inside make you the loveliest person of this world. I love you, honey. Happy Birthday!!

Life may be difficult but walking at the life's path with you make me like walking over the roses which i never want to stop. Wishing you a very happy birthday my hubby.

Your kisses are the only remedies for me which guarantees 100% pain relief for me. Happy Birthday, handsome!!

Birthday Quotes For Wife

Every woman love affection and adoration and may be some more. You should look for what she wants? If you are married and have spent years of life with each other then it is easy to understand what actually she is and what she want you to be. If this is your wife's birthday then you have to arrange everything that is possible if you want to see an extra happiness in her eyes. Here is a collection of Happy Birthday Quotes For Wife which will inspire you. You should find some original gifts for your wife. Try to be with her as much as possible today. This is an occasion to become the perfect husband for a wife who cares and love his wife the most. This will add extra happiness and joy to her life.

Birthday quotes for wife

More than 50 percent what i know, i learnt from you. You are not only a good wife but also my best who teach me everything and never want me to have sad moments. I love you, sweetheart. Happy Birthday!!

I don't know you will understand or not my love to you in words but i love you more than myself and i wish if you live 100 years then i want to live 99 years and 364 days so that i can't have a day without you. Happy birthday to the sweetest wife!!

I think nothing will be more beautiful gift for you than being with me so i want to enjoy every moment of this day with you. Happy Birthday, angel!!

When i look into your eyes, doesn't matter it is good or bad time, happy moment or sad but your eyes take me to a fresh smile. I love you. Happy Birthday baby!!

For everyone you have turned one year older except me. For me, you are the same - gorgeous, smartest, sweetest and attractive woman when i saw you first time. Happy Birthday, honey!!

As a husband, i promise that it will be your most beautiful and romantic night you have ever passed in your life. Wish you a very happy birthday xoxo!!

On this special day, my warm hugs and perfect kisses at night will be your birthday gift. I love you. Many many returns of this day!!

I want everyday as your birthday so that beyond everything i can have my all time with you. Happy Birthday, darling!!

What do you expect for your birthday gift? Diamonds are cheap and gold is comman as compare to your beauti so that i'm completly yours today is your birthday gift. Do you want to do with me. Happy Birthday Gorgeous!!

If you want to feel my love for you then listen to my heart after blowing off the candles on cake.. my heart won't be beat but it will sing .. Happy Birthday to you!!

Birthday Messages For Husband

Every husband in this world is not perfect but as a good wife it's your duty to make your husband perfect. You are not only his wife but also his best friend who teach him everything in every walk of life. He deserves best. If we talk about your husband's birthday then it is one of the awesome day of his life and should also for you. Here we bring you the best Happy Birthday Messages For Husband which you can send to your husband on facebook, whatsapp, twitter etc. on any social media that will make him feel good. If you have not been done yet so then it may be a little hard to express your feelings for your husband in words but our collection of these messages will certainly help you to get idea. Most of the time you are going to spend with your husband today must be romantic. So here we have also romantic wishes for your husband which you should send to your hubby. Women are not the only ones who enjoy the feeling but men also enjoy feelings of words. So try to get a free day on your hubby's birthday and say him everything that you want.

happy birthday messages for husband

You taught me the meaning of life, i didn't know what love is but being with you taught me what is love actually .. i didn't know how to laugh fully but you made me the most laughter woman. I don't know how should i thank to you in words ... just lots of love for you. May you live long!!

I love you not because what you are but what you made me with your love. Being your wife is the happiest thing i have ever felt in my life. Happy Birthday, darling!!

Everything in this world has it's limit but i want to promise you that my love for you has no limit and dear i want same from you in my entire life. Many many happy returns of the day!!

You have always been the best father for my children and loving husband for me. May you live long, dear. Happy Birthday!!

The words I, ME and YOU are changed into US since i got married with you. I want to keep it as same throughout my life. Many many Happy return of this day, honey. Happy Birthday!!

My day begins in your arms and my night ends in your arms and this is the only thing i want to keep always and everyday. Happy Birthday, Handsome!!

Sometimes life has been tough and life's problem like a storm tried to blow me off but you have always my rock that never let me blew. Everytime i look you eyes, i feel blessed that none other took my place. Happy Birthdy, darling!!

You are my soul mate as a lover, BFF as a friend and captain of my ship as my life partner. Happy Birthday, honey!!

I want to have a big celebration on this day not only it is your birthday but you make my everyday like a celebration. Wish you a great Birthday!!

The one who said all men are same was wrong because he has not met you still. Happy Birthday, My man!!

Birthday Messages For Wife

A wife is not only a wife but she plays many role in your life. She is the mother of your children, she is your caretaker, she is your cook, she is your organiser, she is your best friend and so on. Keeping all these roles in your mind and being a husband you should do everything that you can for her to make her feel the happiest wife of this world. Tell her that how much importance she have in your life and what your life will be without her. You should also take advice from your wife for what you have planned to do further in your life. Get her a bouquet of deep roses, birthday cake, a surprise birthday party, bag of jewellery, clothes, her personal care items etc. get her everything which she deserves. This is your wife's birthday and you can send heartfelt birthday message. On this page, you will get the warm Happy Birthday Messages For Wife. You can also cook meal for your wife today which will fall her again and again in your love. Be romantic at night with her and give everything to her what you can on her birthday.

happy birthday messages for wife

I never want to imagine how my life will go without you. You are my soulmate, my best friend and excellent wife. Happy Birthday Darling!!

Now if i get old, i'm happy because my best, my life is with me. Happy Birthday to my life!!

Before getting married i was incomplete, you make my life complete .. i don't know how can i live without you in this world. Never be apart from me. I love you. Happy Birthday Honey!!

You are going to pass your another year of life but you look more smarter than ever now. Happy BIrthday, sweetie!!

I can overcome any problem coming in the journey of my life if you hold my hand forever. Wish you a very happy birthday, xoxo!!

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60+ Happy Birthday Wishes For Friends: Messages And Quotes

Happy Birthday Wishes For Friends: It is hard to find true friends in this selfish world. It is bless if you have a best friend already in your life. A true friend is that which will never let you go apart from him/her. This is the only person in your life with whom you can talk to your problems whenever you want. That's why a friend's birthday must be a special day you also and you should do whatever you can to make this day the happiest one. Birthday is very special occasion in everyone's life and it is to be celebrate very well. The birthday is that special day of your life which comes once in a year and you should show your love, your feelings towards your friend that how much he/she mean to you. 

Happy Birthday wishes for friends

1. Every every birthdays come but friends like you come once in a life. I'm happy to have a friend like you. Happy Birthday!!

2. You are my true and best friend ever so don't change ever with the time. May your all wishes come true this year. Happy Birthday dear!!

3. Remembering all that days which we spent with each other make me always excited. Friend like you is always like a fun. Many many returns of the day. Happy Birthday!!

4. "Friend" this is only a sequence of words for other people but for me this is permanent source of joy and happiness.

5. It has been a couple of years since we are friends and our friendship is going deeper and closer every coming year of life. I wish that me and you will never change. Happy Birthday!!

6. All that fun, enjoy we did together is like that we are more than brothers. Having a friend like you is not less than a gift from god. Happy Birthday dear!!

7. I wish that the passing time will not affect our friendship and we will have close friendship in every coming year of life. You the best person i have ever seen. Happy Birthday dear!!

8. I promise that i'll make your birthday so funny and full of happiness and joy that you can't imagine. Have a wonderful and healthy birthday dear!!

9. Let's make your birthday so funny and unforgettable than we will never forget it throughout our life. Happy Birthday friend!!

10. Childhood passes too quickly and only the moments that we enjoyed together are left now. I'm happy that still we are friends. Happy Birthday dear!!

Best Happy Birthday Wishes For Friends

Birthday is special day in a year which reflects on what we have done and what we have to do further in our life. On our every passing year of life we think about your age that how i'm now and what i have achieved in my life. Aside from this ideas we also want to have a celebration on this day and if talk come to friend's birthday then it is not less than a great party. We should have an idea to make a place in our friend's heart. So we should wish him/her first of all. Here we bring you the Birthday Wishes For Friends that you should send to your friends on his/her birthday. Celebrating your friend's birthday with family and other friend will be another best idea to make your friend very happy. 

birthday wishes for friends

11. It's the birthday of my best friend and i want you to know that how special you are in my life and how happy i'm to have you as my friend. Happy Birthday dear!!

12. This is the day when an adventure were born and you are that adventure in my life. A friend like you are very few in this world. Wish you a very Happy Birthday!!

13. True friends never get old with the coming birthdays but they become better as the fine wine. Wish you a very Happy Birthday!!

14. I have been waiting for your birthday so that we can have a party that we didn't have ever. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!!

15. May every wish you ever want of come true this year. We will party on your this birthday that you could ever want. Happy Birthday dear!!

16. Dear friend do you know what you are not getting older with the age but you are making be proud of being your friend. Happy Birthday friend!!

17. I wish blessings follow you wherever you go. May your this birthday as special as you are. Hpy B'day!!

18. There are three important dates of my life; New Year's eve, Christmas and my best friend's Birthday. I wish you a Healthy Birthday!!

19. It is very good to know that you are living happy and healthy. You are very important to so many people. Many many returns of the day. Hpy B'day dear!!

20. On this birthday, my party to you will let you know that how much our friendship mean to me. Happy B'day dear friend!!

Best Birthday Quotes For Friends

On your friend's birthday, you should also post on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Insta. etc and should tag your friend in those perfect lines of birthday that you have written for your friend. Your friend will surely come to know that how special she/her is in your life. We can buy everything by money but finding a true friendship, finding a true friend that can do anything for you - with whom you can share everything, may be  hard to get. So birthday is a special event on which you can strengthen your friendship. Here we present you the best collection of Happy Birthday Quotes For Friends which we surely help you to strong your bond of friendship.

happy birthday quotes for friends

21. Having good family and good friends is a beautiful gift from god. I'm having you as my friend and i can't tell difference between family and friends. Happy Birthday friend!!

22. I don't know how should i thank to you for what you did for me in my life. Partying tonight is a gift for you from me. We will rock. Hpy Birthday!!

23. I was waiting much for your birthday. We will party like there is no tomorrow. Many Many Returns of the day!!

24. This is your 21th birthday i can't believe how quickly the days passed of our childhood. From childhood you are helping other and i want you to do the same in your entire life. Hpy B'day!!

25. You have grown to be 22 and it seems the day previous yesterday when we were having fun in school ground. Really it is a good feeling. Happy Birthday dear frn!!

26. F is for funny,
R is for realistic,
I is for inspiring,
E is for empathetic,
N is for nice, and
D is for Dependable.
Thanks for being all this and more! Many Many returns of the day!!

27. Having craziness as we have, i'm surprised that still we are alive. Your birthday remind me all those moments which are unforgettable for me. Happy Birthday!!

28. Our friendship is like a diamond which will precious forever. Happy Birthday Dear Friend!!

29. Only words can't explain my feelings that how we grow together and it's your 22nd birthday and you are going to enjoy your another year of life. Happy Birthday dear friend!!

30. May your all dreams and wishes come true in your coming year of life. I wish for many many returns of the day!!

Unique Happy Birthday Quotes For Dear Friends

A true can never expect good from his/her friends. As we all are so familiar with each other but if we do something different that he/she can't expect from us will make your friend so surprise that you will be the last and forever friend for him/her. Sometimes it may be hard to get ideas that what special should you do on your friend's birthday but here we are to help you. A friend deserves good words from his/her friends that he never thought off. So here we have collected the unique Birthday Quotes For Friends which you can send to your friend to let him/her know that how special he/she is for you. Choose the best quote and send it to your friend.

birthday quotes for friends

31. May we celebrate another 100 birthdays together and each birthday should much awesome than last. 

32. May every day of your coming life bring you the lots of happiness and joy in your life.

33. May you find pleasure wherever you go, may happiness brighten your darkness of life and you achieve the heights of success in life. My best wishes are always with you. Hpy B'day!!

34. Wishing you the fresh morning, rocking noon and lovely night on your special day. Many many returns of the day.

35. I was waiting for a day that when i'll rock at party and it's birthday i'm waiting for my treat. Happy Birthday dear!!

36. A true friend will never forget your birthday and i'm one of them. Happy B'day .. Stay happy and healthy always!!

37. I thought to send you some sweet gift for your birthday and the roses asked me if they would do. 

38. I wish that you have everything that you always want to have because i'm the only one who cares your desires for than yourself. Be happy and healthy always. Happy Birthday!!

39. Never forget to give a gift to your friend on his/her birthday because they deserve it.

40. If you live to be 100, i hope i live to be 100 minu 1, so i never have to live without you. Many many happy returns of the day!!

Best Happy Birthday Messages For Friends

Being an organiser is really a good feeling. If it is your friend's birthday that you should organise things that will your friends the happiest person of the planet. If possible then you should organise a party at your house including the families and other friends on his/her birthday. It will a great idea to show your friend that how you care about them. Before that you must send a birthday message to your friend among the Happy Birthday Messages For Friends given below on this page. Your friend is the only person with whom you feel complete. Don't you?? When you with your friend you can challenge everything that come to your path. Don't you?? Of Course, it yes!! Everyone's life is good when they have a good friend. So his/her birthday must be an event for you which you have to enjoy fully.

happy birthday messages for friends

41. May the air sing for you, sun make your day the brightest ever and the wind be at your heals. Be the happiest person of the world. Happy Birthday!!

42. May the beautiful angels come to your way to say you from me a very happy birthday with lots of love. 

43. I just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday and to let you know that you are not alone. If you want someone to lean on then i would be there for you.

44. Happy birthday to the person who means a very much to me and for whom i'm everything. You always remind me of myself, my best moments of life which we both spent together.

45. You are not one of my best friend but you are "The Best"! I wish your this year be the best year ever in your life.

46. I decided to send you some special words to wish you a very happy birthday and to say about our friendship but i didn't find that words which can express my feelings about our friendship. Just Party!!

47. May every moment of your coming birthday and life head be as wonderful as our friendship. Happy Birthday dear friend!!

48. My today is completely for you. Let's make all that things which make you feel the happiest person of this world. Be happy and healthy always buddy!!

49. It's real wonderful to have a friend like you. Friends like you are rare as warm and sunny day in the month of December. You are truly one of a kind. Happy Birthday my best friend!!

50. Your birthday is like a festival for me as i enjoy the party very much and eat everything what i want. Wishing you treatful Birthday!!

Cute and Real Birthday Messages For Friends

Here we have made a best and unique collection of Birthday Messages For Friends which you can send to your friend whatever the condition is. Our this collection includes the romantic birthday messages, love birthday messages, funny birthday messages that you will definitely love to send to your friend on his/her birthday. Our this collection of birthday wishes, messages and quotes for friend is the best choice for you and you must choose one of them and should send to your friend and if you want to wish your friend a happy birthday in a unique style then these ideas are also available on our website.

birthday messages for friends

51. Once a true and my best friend said to me - no matter where you are, you might so well enjoy yourself and that friend was and still are you. I'm there where i wanted - with you- and it's your birthday and i want to celebrate every moment of this special day.

52. You have always been there whenever i need. Having a friend like you desire for nothing else in this world. You and me redefine what actually friendship mean. A very Happy Birthday to such a friend!!

53. On this birthday i want a promise from you that entire life we will be together. I never think of live apart from you, pal and i will make and give promise on our every coming year of life. Stay happy and healthy always buddy!!

54. Happy Birthday dear!! as long as you have me as your friend you don't need to have worry about anything because i'll give you a shoulder to lean on, eyes to watch, ears to hear and my heart will take you on the right way.

55. This is a special day as it's your birthday and our friendship, there should be a celebration of everything good and a plenty of each bite of birthday cake and each piece of birthday ice cream.
Happy Birthday dear!!

56. You are not a friend because you are a facebook friend, you are not a friend as we meet every weekend for coffee or lunch, you are not a friend as you are nice to me... you are not only a friend but half of my whole and i'm completely yours. A very happy birthday from bottom of my heart.

57. You are one precious gift for me that i have from my childhood and the one with whom i can get enjoy anytime, anywhere. May you live long!!

58. Awesome friends are awesome just because one reason- awesomeness. Wishing a awesome birthday to an awesome person of my life. Stay blessed always!!

59. Friendship that i have with you is priceless. Happy Birthday buddy!!

60. Life will not be life if we don't have friends, true and best friends. Without friends we don't have anything to fun for, to joy, to enjoy. Thank you that you are my friend and i'm yours. Happy Birthday BFF!!

61. Happy birthday to the one special person of my life who brights up every day. When we are together i can kick off any trouble coming in my and your way. Be happy and healthy always.

62. One of the best thing in this world  that can be feel that can be realize, that can be seen is friendship that i have with you and you with me. I wish you a very special day full of happiness and joy.

63. Happy birthday! We're such close and awesome friends. I hope we stay friends for 100s of years. May we live long enough to really, really get sick of each other. So far, I like you just fine!

64. Happy Birthday!! Our friendship is awesome not because you accept me as the way i'm just because you made me better than whatever i can't be otherwise. May you live long happier.

65. Hey, BFF, I hope you will make us feel right at home at your birthday party, because home is where we really want to be. Happy birthday!

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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

70+ Happy Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend: Messages And Quotes For Him

Happy Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend: Your boyfriend's birthday must be a special day for you also. You should send some romantic quotes and cheerful birthday wishes on this special occasion. Write some sweet greetings on the card and send some funny wishes on the facebook for him. Tweets on twitter and tag him. On this special day you should treat him like lord of smartness so that he may also treat you like his princess. His birthday is also a chance for you to say him I love you if you are waiting for a perfect moment to say it.

happy birthday wishes for boyfriend

Happy Birthday Wishes For Him

 This is a very special day for your boyfriend and it must be special occasion for you. On this day, you must show him that how much you love him anyhow. With all your efforts, you should try to make him the happiest person of the world. Sometimes it may be difficult to express your feelings in words so you need some ideas. Here we bring you the collection of Birthday Wishes For Him. If you don't have any idea to show feeling then you must send him a birthday message that will let him know that he run over your mind always. If possible, try to wish him first of all. Read the birthday messages given below, choose and send to your boyfriend.

1. Happy Birthday to the guy who has been always my heartbeat not my heartbreak. Stay Happy always!!

2. I'm the luckiest girl in the world as i have a boyfriend like you and same you are the luckiest guy who have a girlfriend like me. Happy Birthday dear!!

3. Happy birthday to the smartest guy to whom every girl want to be her boyfriend. Happy Birthday honey!!

4. Every guy should learn from you how they can be a very good and caring boyfried. Thank you for being in my life. Happy Birthday dear...may you live long!!

5. Your hugs are my blankets in the cold nights and your kisses are like cool breeze for my summer nights. Happy Birthday dear!!

6. Happy bithday to the one whom i love the most and whose smiles are the reason i live on. Thanks for make my life so happy. Happy Birthday honey!!

7. Beind in relationship with you is like a gift to me by the god. Happy Birthday dear!!

8. Falling in love with you is much more beautiful than any other fall i have ever felt. Happy Birthday dear!!

9. I thought you are a good looking catch but we are match match. Happy Birthday Handsome!!

10. Your smile is the remedy which can cure me of every disease. Happy Birthday honey!!

happy birthday wishes for him

Happy Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

11. I like your smiles but i love tha way you make me smile always. I'm blessed to have you. Happy Birthday my handsome!!

12. This is a very special day to me and i would love to give my all effort to make you happy on this day. Happy Birthday dear!!

13. This is the birthday wish from the cutest girlfriend to the smartest boyfriend of this world. Happy Birthday honey!!

14. I don't have much to give you as a birthday gift but i promise, no matter how the condition will. no matter where we will be but my love for you will never change. Happy Birthday dear!!

15. On this birthday i want to promise you that i'll always love to be a cheery on your life's cake. Happy Birthday honey!!

16. Faithful and lovely boyfriend like you are these days very few. Happy Birthday dear!!

17. I want to thank your parents that they bring you in this world for me. Happy Birthday my one and only!!

18. I like you handsome face always but i love your sweet heart. Happy Birthday man!!

19. I'm in relationship with you not because i don't like to be single but i love to want and to be with a person like you. Happy Birthday honey!!

20. I don't like to hear myself as your girlfriend because i'm not a girl who is your friend but i love to hear you girl. Happy Birthday Darling!!

Happy Birthday Quotes For Him

Sometimes it is harder to think that how could you impress your boyfriend on the special day of his life; i mean on his birthday. But here we are for you to help. You should not worry anymore as we have done a unique collection of Happy Birthday Quotes For Boyfriend. There is no other day is as special for lover as your lover's birthday. On this day you should spend all your times with your boyfriend. Try to make him happy and celebrate the birthday as there is no tomorrow.

Happy Birthday quotes for him

21. There is two moments i want to be with you one is now and another is forever. Happy Birthday dear!!

22. I don't know why i fell for you but it happened and i love you more than myself now ... i don't know why you love me but i hope this is for all the right reasons. I love you.. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday dear!!

23. I always want a person to be my boyfriend who i may take to my home to meet my parents. Happy Birthday to the same guy!!

24. Many girld like ice cream, many girls crave chocolate and teddies but i love the person who is reading this message and i'm wishing him a very Happy Birthday!!

25. When you are busy reading your birthday messages let me covering your face with kisses. Happy Birthday handsome!!

26. With a man like you i'll never be blue.. to a boyfriend like you i'll always be true so today with all my heart i wish a very Happy Birthday to you!!

27. I'm glad for only one robbery this is my heart which you have stolen when i saw you first time. Happy Birthday dear!!

28. On this day.. i beg god for a boyfriend like you in my every coming 100s lives. Happy Birthday dear!!

29. I'm giving you the most expensive and unique gift on your birthday this is - ME. Happy Birthday Darling!!

30. When i'm watching you blowing the candles only idea came into my mind is that you are the only candle in my life which brighten all my dark night of life. Happy Birthday honey!!

Birthday Quotes For Boyfriend

Aside from a big celebration, wishing your boyfriend a very happy birthday in extremely exceptional case make a special place in his heart for you.Here we are going to give you the best Birthday Quotes For Him. Celebrate your boyfriend in a way that your boyfriend can't forget it throughout his life. Ready yourself for going a date with him.

Birthday Quotes for boyfriend

31. The warmest birthday wish to the smartest boyfriend from the cutest girlfriend of this world, honey, i'm very happy to have you next to me. Happy Birthday dear!!

32. You make my life my better and my world complete .. wishing you a very happy and healthy Birthday sweetheart!!

33. Happy Birthday to the most special guy of this world and of my life. Stay happy always!!

34. Thank you for being a man that i have always dream of. I wish of your many more happy and healthy birthdays to come. Happy Birthday dear!!

35. Just like without sun the livin on earth is not possible, i can't imagine my life without you. Wish you a very Happy Birthday darling!!

36. I want to tell you that when you hold my hand i feel like i'm as safe as i could at home. Happy Birthday my heartbeat!!

37. May you experience the wonderful and happiest experience in this coming year of your life. Happy Birthday darling!!

38. I want to remind all those adorable moment on this special day and wish to have many more to come. I feel proud to have such a boyfriend like you. May you live long.. Happy Birthday darling!!

39. Darling you always speak to me of all the matters you have, you listen to me everytime, you have always be there when i need you ... how can one be so caring? Thank you for being in my life. Happy Birthday Handsome!!

40. I want to live my thousands of lives with you, i'm so blessed to have you as my boyfriend. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!

41. Looking at the beautiful stars in the sky makes me think always that i have also a star in my life that brighten my life more than these stars make the sky brighter. Happy Birthday to my Star!!

42. You are the star of my life who i never want to be apart from. I wish that you live more than the stars of the sky and make everybody happy. Happy Birthday my King!!

43. I wish you a life full of reverence, adventures and achievements. Happy Birthday Handsome!!

44. Let's celebrate this day as a very special day and i wish you celebrate your every day of coming year like there is no tomorrow. Happy Birthday dear!!

45. For your kind information i'm telling you that you are a very special person in someone's life even you are the life of that person so take care of yourself always and be happy always. Happy Birthday Dear!!
Best Wishes, 
Your Girl

Happy Birthday Messages For Him

Boyfriend's birthday is always very special for every girlfriend. She does all her efforts to make his birthday cool and unforgettable. Here you will read romantic Happy Birthday Messages For Boyfriend. You can use these romantic wishes to write down on the greeting cards that you have decided to send to your boyfriend. You can also send these cute messages on whatsapp and Facebook. I promise that this birthday wish will more than you any gift and even you don't need to give any gift after wishing him with these messages. If you wish your boyfriend with these messages first of all, then it will very meaningful for him.

Happy birthday messages for boyfriend

46. It's a dream of every girl to have a boyfriend like you, i'm so happy because i have you. May you live long. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!

47. You are the reason why i love my life.. why i'm so happy, why i'm so cute and everything else. Thanks for being in my life. May you have the happiest Birthday ever!!

48. You made all my sweet memories. You gave me everything i ever wanted. So i'm sending you the tons of birthday wishes. Happy Birthday to the handsome who i've fallen for..kiss you!!

49. You are like the sun for me who brighten my life, increase my strength, give me inspiration and make me smile always. Happy Birthday to my charming sun... Love You!!

50. Let's make our love so warm and deep that cold and lonliness passes easily. Happy Birthday my treasure .. stay blessed always!!

51. Although every day is special for me when you are with me but this is a little more special for me as my love was born on this day. With lots of love, smile, kisses and hugs wish you a very Happy Birthday dear!!

52. You love, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness make you a perfect boyfriend than any other in this world. Today on this special day i promise you that i'll always be yours and i also promise that i'll never let you apart from me no matter what the condition is there. Happy Birthday dear!!

53. My only wish today is that i can make you the happiest person of this world anyhow. I love you baby. Happy Birthday!!

54. I'm making your Birthday as sweeter as i'm because i'm coating it with me. Happy Birthday darling!!

55. As you were on this day so this is love day for me and love means day full of romance, let's make this unforgettable. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday with lots of kisses and hugs!!

56. Both of us are crazy for each other and this is day when we can crazy for everything and can have all that craziness .. i think you have got what i said .. haha.. Happy Birthday Handsome!!

57. I have given you the artificial gift gift for your Birthday and another gift is that i present myself for you .. i'm completely yours today and forever. Happy Birthday Darling!!

58. Let me collected love from everywhere so that i can give it to you. Doing it, your birthday will be full of romance and i can make it unforgetable for you. Happy Birthday to the smartest man of my world!!

59. From my childhood i was thinking of a special person who will fill the special place in my heart and your love and kindness filled the special place of my heart. I love you. Happy Birthday my life!!

60. When i saw you first time, i thought one of my dream is going to come true and when i met you first time then my dream was completed .. do u know, what was the dream? It was having a perfect man in my life. Happy Birthday my Handsome!!

Birthday Messages For Boyfriend

Planning for birthday celebration for your boyfriend will definitely fall him love for you. You should have planned already for cake order, for surprises including invitations and everything else that how you want or how will you celebrate your boyfriend's birthday. If you haven't told your desires yet to your boyfriend then it is the perfect day to express your feelings for him. Everything that you want 
to say, you will write with these wishes. You should have to be initiative on this day. People talk and do, speak and act and they express themselves. Here we are also bring you the Romantic Birthday Messages For Him that will express your feelings. Planning to go out with him will also make him surprise and very happy.

Birthday messages for him

61. I'll give you a special gift on this birthday. Wait until everybody eat cake, food and let all the guest leave. The gift is the entire night i'll be with you and i promise that it will be your one of the lovable and unforgetable night. For now, Wish you a very Happy Birthday!!

62. Everybody have many desires in their life and almost can't have fulfilled those desires but i'm having what i have always desire for. My all desires stop at you. Happy Birthday my love .. i want to celebrate this birthday alone with you.

63. Do u know .. there is person who is always with me either i'm happy or sad, either i'm ill or healthy, either i'm wealthy or poor etc no matter what comes but he is with me and that person is - YOU. First i smile then even your thought make me happy always. Wishing you a very very Happy and Healthy Birthday!!

64. I have always thought for a perfect boyfriend and my thought stopped to come when i met you. I think no girl in this world is so happy with her boyfriend as i'm with you. Wish you very Happy Birthday my treasure!!

65. I always remind that nights which i have spent with you .. and i always want a cuddle up with you. This is what i want every cold night. This is your birthday baby and let's spend this night in the same way.

66. I have always planned what to do when i'll be with you and this is your birthday today and i want to spent my whole day and night with you so that i can never forget these moments. Happy Birthday Dear!!
67. Words alone can't express my feelings that how happy i'm to have and this is your coming new year of life and i want to promise you that i will blessed if you will be always with me. Happy Birthday my Dear!!

68. Thousands of words can't express my feelings for you but now i'm saying these magical three words to you. I LOVE YOU... Happy Birthday Darling!!

69. Hello my love, here is your birthday and i'm blessed that i'll celebrate it with you. Every girl in this world expect a boyfriend like you. You have always been my support, my care and everthing else that made me happy to be with you. Not only in this life but every 1000s coming lives i want to be with you as your girlfriend. This day is as special for me as for you. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Handsome!! I love you.

70. I am the happiest woman in the world when I’m by your side, I feel that my days are meaningful, every moment I enjoy with you is wonderful, and everything you do makes me very happy. I wish you have a spectacular day my love and God bless you with many more years of life.

birthday wishes

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70+ Happy Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend: Messages And Quotes For Her

Happy Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend: You should not be a lazy and boring boyfriend. You should look for some beautiful greeting cards to send to your girlfriend on her birthday. You should post something very sweet and romantic on her Facebook so that she may surprised.  Write on your pinterest board and tag your friend in tweets so that she may smile a little that how lucky she is to having you as her boyfriend. Surely her birthday is a chance to make your relationship very charm and long lasting. You should buy a very beautiful birthday gift for your girl. The gift is something like that which can let her think about you whenever she looks over it. Every girlfriend in this world expect a birthday gift from her boyfriend. If you want to make her some more happy then you should arrange a birthday cake also and make the memories so good that can last in her life. Leave the memories which can make you happy whenever you think about them. Girls don't want a serious relationship but it should be full of fun.  If possible go for some adventure or some dating restaurants so that she can have fun with you.

1. Words alone are not enough to express my feelings that how happy i'm to know that you are going to enjoy your another year of life..wishing you a very very happy birthday dear!!

2. I feel the sparkle of your eyes and the cute smile when we are together. I want to be your side to celebrate your many more birthday. Happy Birthday dear!!

3. The day you born was lucky for so many people like me. You fills my life with all the joy..i love you more that you may know. Happy Birthday and many more to comes!!

4. I didn't ever thought that i would meet someone like you. May your all days as special as your birthday. I can do everything to make them happen. Happy Birthday Sweetheart.

5. God blessed over me and he sent you down for me. I remember how my heart skipped its beats when i saw you first time. Now when you look at me it makes me want to be a perfect man i can be. Happy birthday dear!!

6. This day is more for me than you because on this day love of my life was born. Happy birthday honey. I love you.

7. I can't show it off that how much i love you. Let's make your birthday the very special it can be and i'll try to show my love. Happy birthday dear.

8. Happy birthday to the one without whom i can't imagine my life.

9. My soul mate, more than my friend, my partner i'm nothing without you. On the special occasion of your birthday i want to remind you all the reasons why i love you. Happy Birthday dear!!

10. I can't express my feelings but poets and singers can express my feeling. I can just say i love you..Happy Birthday dear!!

Birthday Wishes For Her

Best Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

Read out these beautiful and romantic  Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend introduced on this webpage. Birthday of your girl should be a special occasion for you. These wishes will surely let her think that how much she means to you.It may be difficult sometimes to show your feeling in words but here we are having some message that will surely express your feelings to your girlfriend. Here you will find the best collection of wishes and messages. Go down on this page to check it out.

11. We will realize this day as the first day we celebrate your birthday together...i hope i'll celebrate it with you now and i want to celebrate it with you 100 years from now..Happy Birthday dear!!

12. I hope your birthday cake is as sweet as your smile. Happy Birthday dear..stay happy and healthy!!

13. Kiss here and kiss there...kiss you thousands times. Have a lovely and very special day. Happy Birthday dear!!

14. I may not be there there to see your smile that how happy you are when cutting your birthday cake but you will be in my thoughts. Happy Birthday honey!!

15. May the way you choose doesn't have any trouble, may the door you enter bring good fortune.. may this day be the best of birthdays ever. Happy Birthday dear!!

16. May god bless you.. my all good wishes and thoughts are with you. Have a very special day. Happy Birthday!!

17. I may not be there to give you what you want but i promise to be with you always with all my heart and love. Happy Birthday Honey!!

18. Smile may be starting of friendship, a touch may be a starting of love but a person like you can make life worth living. Happy Birthday dear..may god bless you always!!

19. Your birthday is an occasion for me for togetherness. Happy Birthday dear!!

20. On the special occasion fo your birthday let's celebrate our past, our present and our future together. Happy Birthday Honey!!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

Happy Birthday Messages For Her

This is the day when you love was born for you. Make this very special for your girlfriend and yourself too.Here you will have the best collection of Happy Birthday Wishes For Her. Read our unique wishes here and add them to your creativity and send them to your girlfriend to strong your bond of love and relationship. Along with the water, air, food, shelter there is something more a man requires for his better life which is a good relationship. Relationships are not always responsibilities and cause of seriousness but a good relationship cheers our life. You should do all that little things ( like Birthday Wishes For Her)that your girlfriend expect from you because if we ignore these things some misunderstandings cause and the relationship ruins. To keep your relationship grow you should wish and make your girlfriend's birthday very happy. You must keep your girlfriend happy for your happy relationship. Give respect, care and spend some quality time with her always that will last in her heart.

21. Do you believe in god...sure i do because i beg for the best girlfriend and he send to you for me. Happy Birthday to the sweetest girlfriend of the world!!

22. The most difficult thing i face is to gift you because i want to gift you this entire world. Happy Birthday my sweetheart!!

23. You look the best and very sweet with your cute smile. Today is your birthday smile the whole day to remain happy and to keep happy everybody. Happy Birthday baby!!

24. Words alone can't express my love for you it's higher than sky, deeper than ocean and more than universe. Happy Birthday dear..stay happy and healthy always!!

25. Today, I should thank to your parents that they bring you on this earth for me. Happy Birthday you!!

26. Every passing year you are growing prettier and sexier. Happy Birthday dear..stay blessed always!!

27. Beautiful and wonderful is the view when i think about you. Wishing you a happier and healthier birthday dear!!

28. Instead of giving you an artificial gift, i just want to give you the warmth of my arms on your birthday. Happy Birthday Honey!!

29. Whenever i feel disappointed and depressed, a single thought of you make me all happy. Happy Birthday..may you live long dear!!

30. I wish all your dreams come true this year. Happy Birthday dear...stay happy and healthy!!

Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

Happy Birthday Quotes For Her

Along with the idea to have a birthday gift for your girl there is an another important thing that will make your girlfriend really happy is Happy Birthday Messages For Girlfriend. Your message should be from bottom of your heart that will really make her happy. It might be inspired from a great article. Sending a birthday message to your girlfriend will surely keep your love grow always. It is also the best way to show your feelings to your girlfriend. So read the Birthday Messages For Girlfriend and select 2-3 and send it to your girlfriend.

31. When i said you hello first heart felt that i woud never say you bye. Happy Birthday honey!!

32. I met to you like a stranger, hugged you like a friend and kissed you like a lover and i never want my life to change. Happy Birthday dear!!

33. I walked throughout all the shops in city but i didn't find a gift as beautiful as you are. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!

34. I promise that your birthday will be as funny and perfect as we are two. Happy Birthday dear!!

35. I never dreamt of a girlfriend like you but i got you as a gift from god. I never want to apart from you. Happy Birthday sweety!!

36. Even the best birthday gift is worthless as compared to my love for you. Happy Birthday dear...stay happy always!!

37. No matter how long we are walking together in the life journey but my love for you will always increase. Happy Birthday Honey!!

38. Happy Birthday to the one and only my girlfriend who made my life lonely to lovable. Be happy always baby!!

39. When you agreed to go out on date with me make me feel that how good looking and lucky i'm. Happy Birthday Dear!!

40. May this year bring all your dreams and wishes come true. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday dear!!

Happy Birthday Quotes For Her

Are you looking for birthday ideas for your girlfriend or how to impress your girlfriend on her birthday or how to make her feel happy on her birthday or want to show your feelings for your girlfriend or want to have a smile on her face? Here we will tell you a single solution for all these desires. There are many ways to show your feeling to your girlfriend on her special day. Happy Birthday Messages For Her is the source which can feel her blessed and cheery. Some of your messages may be romantic, inspirational and a little flirty too. But this is the best way to show your girlfriend that how much you love her. We have all type of Birthday Messages For Her which you can send to your girlfriend to make the day very special.

41. Not only for you but also for me it is a very special day because on this day the person who made my life happy come on this earth. Happy Birthday Sweetheart.

42. Have a wonderful BIrthday. I wish all your days be special as the day today. Happy Birthday Dear!!

43. May your coming year come with a plenty of thousands of happiness reason and sweet memories. Happy Birthday dear!!

44. Light the candles and make the celebration as special as you never had. Happy Birthday dear!!

45. You are the only who deserves the best and nothing less. May this celebration as special as you are. Happy Birthday Honey!!

46. Another birthday is coming and i see that you have grown more prettier and look perfect. Happy Birthday Dear!!

47. You are going to start your another year of life... my good wishes are with you for your success in life. Happy Birthday!!

48. It must be Birthday everyday because i can be with you the whole day. Happy Birthday to the brightest star of my life.

49. No birthday gift is enough to comapre the gift of love you have given me. Happy Birthday sweety you!!

50. We have been with each other for a long time and my love for you is growing day by day... i hope time will not matter in our love. Happy Birthday Dear!!

Birthday Quotes For GIrlfriend

Happy Birthday Quotes For GF

51. A birthday is a very special day for everyone in their. Enjoy it the fullest. Happy Birth dear..stay happy and healthy always!!

52. I wish you to be continue with your life beautifully and may happiness surrounds you all the time and everywhere. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Honey!!

53. Forget all the worries and the bad moments you ever had and celebrate this day to the fullest. Happy Birthday dear!!

54. May you achieve the heights of life and get success as a beautiful gift from the god. Happy Birthday swetty!!

55. The good thing about getting late is that you will get more people to love. Happy happy and healthy!!

56. I'm glad that you were born and much happy to know that you were born for me because you brighten my life and fill it with myth. Wishing you a day full of love and happiness. Happy Birthday Honey!!

57. May you get love and love from all around on this day. Happy Birthday Dear!!

58. I want your birthday safe so i have called fire department telling them that we are lightening the candles. Happy Birthday Dear!!

59. Don't be sad to know that you will count as a senior citizen after your this birthday..just be excited to get discount you would be able to have. Happy Birthday.!!

60. Everytime i look at you and fall in love as i saw you first time and i fell in love. I'll make this day as exciting and beautiful as you are. Happy Birthday my Sweetiee!!

Your girlfriend's birthday is the day which can draw you close to her. You may not know how i should wish her so that she may fall deeply in love with me or you may not know what should buy for her that can bring a smile on her face but you should not worry but you should try to know what she like the most. If you don't wish your girlfriend with a very beautiful Happy Birthday Quotes For Girlfriend then she might think that you are non-caring. Sometimes you don't want to send a sensitive wish to her as you are a man so you can choose your type of wish. Here we are having the unique Birthday Quotes For Girlfriend that will surely help you to make your girlfriend happy. These quotes will fill your girlfriend's birthday with joy and cheer. So try these at once.

Happy Birthday Messages For Girlfriend

61. Everyday is special when you are with me but the day you were born for me is very special to me. Happy Birthday Darling!!

62. I can have the very special person in my another life as in this life i have got you. Happy Birthday to my Angel!!

63. You are a gift and your love is a gift so here me and my love is your birthday gift. Happy Birthday Sweetiee!!

64. When you are not with me i shut my eyes and like to have magic, then i think about your eyes, about your nose, about your hand, about your lips and everything about you and i feel that you are with me..i'm sorry that i'm not with you on this birthday but close your eyes and i'll be there. Happy Birthday Honey!!

65. There is a day in a year which is very special camparison to which remainig 364 days are pale..this is your birthday. I promise that i'll make your birthday so special that you can never forget it. Happy Birthday Dear!!

66. Wishing the best of everything because you are the best. Happy Birthday my treasure!!

67. My girl, my love i want to make your birthday the time of your life. Happy Birthday...rock the day.

68. I don't have much to gift you so i hereby declared that i'm completely yours for the 100s of your lives. Happy Birthday my life!!

69. No birthday message can be as sweet as you are..nothing can be as lovely as you are. Wishing a very Happy Birthday to my Angel!!

70. My heart, my soul, my life everything of mine is your birthday gift. Stay Happy and healthy always. Happy Birthday!!

Birthday Messages For Her

 Thank you for choosing our post of Happy Birthday Quotes For Her. As a man we can't think that birthday is a very special event and even we can't expect some extraordinary but friends i bet girls do. They have a lot of expectation from her boyfriend that he will give me birthday gift. She may be waiting for you to wish her birthday first of all. I don't bet that she expect an expensive gift from you but a few words can give her more happiness than even a precious present. There are different types of girls exist. If you girlfriend is romantic then she would like to hear some poetic words and if she is funny then you should use funny lines for her. With a good wish you may also 

send your girlfriend some jokes or poets or songs to make her feel good. In this page we have many types of Birthday Quotes For Her that you can pick up for your girlfriend. If you really send what she expects then you will surely see her day more brighter. Date your girlfriend on her birthday and try to make laugh every time. Thanks for reading the post.